Prints Charles Reprographics is excited to offer the latest in digital equipment to service your needs.

Unlike our typical competitor, Prints Charles Reprographics is proud to be an independently run and  full service reprographic facility.  Our shop contains California’s most modern equipment from a variety of manufactures, allowing us complete control of your order in house.

Over the last twenty years, we have seen reprographics evolve from a high volume, production quality and slow turnaround industry into a small run, high quality, fast turnaround arena with most printing revolving around submittals for approval, client presentations and high end internal use.

We have also seen the introduction of large format color in both speed and costs that finally make the format useable in the quantities long seen in Europe and Asia. Where we once printed 30 sheets of black and white, we now print 5 sheets of color. This is both more environmentally sustainable and more efficient, while also reducing the possibilities for error during construction due to high-vis color references.

Contact us today to see how we can help you look your best, remember, We Treat You Like Royalty!